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UltraShock - Inregistrator Tri-Axial de Soc, Temperatura, Umiditate si Presiune


Dimensiuni:   89 mm x 112 mm x 28 mm

Categoria:   Uz General


  • Shipping Live Cargo
  • Aircraft Turbulence
  • Endurance Testing
  • Complete Environmental Monitoring
  • Assembly Line Monitoring
  • Brake and Crash Testing

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Marca:   MadgeTech

Tara de fabricatie:   SUA

UltraShock masoara
si inregistreaza:

  • socul (maxime ale acceleratiei)
  • temperatura
  • umiditatea
  • presiunea


  • All Inclusive Design
  • Compact
  • High Speed Download
  • Real-time Operation
  • Versatile


The UltraShock and UltraShock-EB are designed to be the complete solution for environmental monitoring. These loggers will measure and record temperature, humidity, pressure and the peak acceleration levels for three axis (X, Y and Z) at the user selected reading interval. The time period can be programmed using the MadgeTech software to be from 64 samples per second to up to five minutes. During each reading interval, the loggers continuously sample the accelerometers at a rate of 512 Hz to ensure that no event goes uncaptured.

The temperature, humidity and pressure channels are sampled every two seconds or at the sample rate if slower than two seconds.

The loggers can store up to 174,762 readings per channel in non-volatile memory. The data can easily be analyzed using the MadgeTech software, which allows the user to view all data points or to view useful statistical information pertaining to each channel. A software calculated vector sum of the three axis is automatically displayed along with every reading to provide the user with the overall acceleration of the equipment or shipment being monitored. If additional analysis of the data needs to be performed, the data can be easily exported to MS Excel® by simply clicking a button.

Both the UltraShock and UltraShock-EB have user replaceable batteries. The UltraShock-EB extends the battery life to greater than eight times (two months) that of the standard UltraShock.





Shock (3 axes), Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
See Table Below (shock); -20~+60°C; 0~95%RH; 0~30 PSIA
See Table Below (shock; 12 bits); 0.1°C; 0.5%RH; 0.002 PSIA
Calibrated Accuracy:
See Table Below (shock); ±0.5°C; ±3%RH; ±1%FSR@25°C
Sample Rate:
64Hz up to 5 minutes
Required Interface Package:
IFC110 or IFC200
Baud Rate:
115,200 bps
Typical Battery Life:
7 days
Operating Environment:
-20~+60°C, 0~95%RH non-condensing
Anodized aluminum
3.5" x 4.4" x 1.1" (89mm x 112mm x 28mm)
CE Approval:
Designed and manufactured in the USA. National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T. USA) Conformity.


Acceleration Range, Calibrated Accuracy, Resolution

Range (g)
Calibrated Accuracy (g)
Resolution (g)
0.2 g


UltraShock Graph - MadgeTech Software

UltraShock Graph - MadgeTech Software

Analyze data using the software’s powerful tools to examine, export, and print professional-looking graphs.


Reminder !   IFC computer interface cable required for computer (PC) operation of data loggers. Check the accessories selection below.

Accesories / Software


IFC110 Includes software, manual and RS232 computer interface cable
IFC200 Includes software, manual, Quick Start Guide and USB computer interface cable
Note: USB drivers are compatible with Vista 32 bit systems, not Vista 64 bit systems.
USB-1 USB to RS232 converter cable
USB101 Includes software, manual, RS232 (IFC110) computer interface cable and USB to RS232 converter cable
Tibbo DS202R DS202 Serial to Ethernet Converter
The Tibbo DS202R allows MadgeTech Data Loggers to be accessed over a network.
NIST N.I.S.T. Calibration Certificate
U9VL-J 9.0 Volt, Lithium Battery, 1200 mAH

Tibbo DS202R

The Tibbo DS202R allows MadgeTech Data Loggers to be accessed over a network. This allows for a logger to be placed in remote locations and maintain communications to control and/or monitor the device by creating a serial tunnel (virtual RS232 connection). The DS202R is a simple, yet powerful device, that is useful in many applications where a typical serial device may be used. The Tibbo DS202R is intended for use within network communications, making it quite useful for remote data logging. One Tibbo DS202R can effectively network-enable a single data logger.

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